OneTeamGov Virtual Community

The OneTeamGov Virtual Community is an online community established in 2019. It is made up of connectors, builders, change-makers, innovators and collaborators who, together, are inspiring collective action and public service reform via dialogue.

Meet the Team

Emilie Salinas
Chef of Programs
Twitter: @Emilie_Salinas1

Lily Spec
Free Agent
Twitter: @PetalEkelman

Marcela Popowich
Events Lead
Twitter: @MarcelaPopowich

Nataly Arar
Twitter: @NatalyArar

Nha Luu
Twitter: @Nha_N_Luu

Pamela James
Free Agent
Twitter: @PamJamHildy

Robert Butler
Engagement Officer / Event Architect
Twitter: @RobButler