Connect. Discuss. Inspire.

Weekly Friday end-of-week meet-ups at 3 pm EDT.
Please send us a DM on Twitter to join, or e-mail us at: from your work account.

#OneTeamGovCanada Virtual Coffee

Connect. Discuss. Inspire.

All across Canada, people are connecting, discussing and inspiring one another to take action to solve some of the issues facing our country today. These groups of people are known around the world as #OneTeamGov – a public sector reform movement that aims to improve public services and change the way we work through practical action. OneTeamGov Virtual team is the Canadian chapter of OneTeamGov, a passionate, empathetic and inspiring community!

With OneTeamGov meetups popping up around cities across Canada, we wanted to unite these very teams from coast to coast to coast, as well as give everyone in Canada the opportunity to get involved by connecting virtually. The virtual meetup is a digital opportunity for people all around Canada to take part in an open, honest, and safe discussion on topics that interest them!

Here’s how the Virtual Coffee meetups will work:
For the past two years, we have left our meeting room link open for anyone to join. Regrettably, we’ve had to make some changes and disable the previous room.

In order to receive the link send us an email: from your work account and we’ll get you connected to our weekly coffee chats. We may ask you a few questions to verify you. Alternatively, you can also DM us directly on our Twitter account:

Registration will confirm you for all upcoming OneTeamGov Virtual Coffees until the end of the year.

Once in Zoom, the virtual team will share the daily Lean Coffee Table link where topics can be added for discussion.

Using Lean Coffee Table, each participant will receive three votes to vote on their favourite topics for discussion, which will frame the agenda for discussion. Be sure to have Lean Coffee Table open during the session as the chat function will be used for those who prefer to add comments in text than verbally over Zoom.

Feel free to share your experiences, best practices, lessons learned, challenges, inspirations, and innovative ideas. You are at the center of these meetups!

We look forward to connecting virtually,

Lily, Marcela, Nataly, Nha, Pamela, and Rob.
#OneTeamGovVT Organizing Committee

*Note: OneTeamCanada Virtual Coffees are not available on Canadian Federal and National Holidays.